These place cards combine seeded plantable paper with transculent vellum name wraps, leaving space to house a flower or stem of choice.  


Guest names are written by hand in a modern calligraphy style (choice of pink, black or gold ink). The translucent vellum wrap is fully recyclable, and the seeded paper backing can be planted after use and will grow into wildflowers. 


Each card measures approx. 8cm W x 10cm H, and features your guest first name. Due to the handmade nature of these cards, each one will be completely unique.  


(please note: the dried flowers do not come with the place cards)





Want to make changes to this design (such as colour/finish) or add more details? Please drop me a message on to discuss your vision!



seeded vellum place cards

  • What's Included:
    • Place cards (8cm W x 10cm H) with guest first names 

    Product Specification:
     Handwritten on 120gsm translucent vellum 
    • Backed by a 200gsm seeded paper


    Colour & Finishes:
    • Ink colour options: black, gold, pink
    • I am open to colour changes, additional embellishments and finishes (e.g. paper colour/ink colour etc) so if there is something you had in mind, please message me to discuss further!