These vintage place cards combine gold first names layered with black contemporary handwritten surnames. 


Printed on an earthy, speckled recycled pulp, these place cards add a touch of vintage style to any table setting. 


Each card measures 10cm W x 3cm H, and features your guest name. Due to the handmade nature of these cards, each one will be completely unique.  





Want to make changes to this design (such as colour/finish) or add more details? Please drop me a message on to discuss your vision!



vintage gold place cards

  • What's Included:
    • Place cards (10cm W x 3cm H) with guest names (first + surname)

    Product Specification:
    Printed on 150gsm recycled pulp


    Colour & Finishes:
    • I am open to colour changes, additional embellishments and finishes (e.g. paper colour/ink colour etc) so if there is something you had in mind, please message me to discuss further!